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Gingival bleeding is the first symptom of a common
periodontal disease.
Red gums are swollen and shiny surface.
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Root Treatment The main purpose of endodontics
is to keep the teeth in the mouth for the longest time.
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Prosthesis We all worry that the prostheses in our mouth will be
noticed immediately when we use prostheses.
However, in today's technology, it has become
quite easy to provide a natural image with prostheses
and to fully meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient.
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Botox Botox application is a method used to block
the neural transmission affecting
the muscles for a certain period of time.
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Tightening Teeth Clenching is a sleep disorder that manifests
itself as a sudden closure of the jaw or
grinding of teeth during sleep.
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Sedation It is a deep sleep performed by an
anesthesiologist with some medications while the
patient is conscious. It is not general anesthesia.
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Laminate Veneer Spotting, skewness and disproportionate
teeth centering and correction procedures
can be accomplished with this treatment method.
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