Implant Prosthetics

Implant-supported prostheses are fixed or removable prostheses made on an implant placed in the jawbone and supported by implants.

What is the difference between implant removable dentures and fixed implant porcelains?

Fixed porcelains on implants are non-removable porcelain coatings that are fixed in the mouth using a crown / bridge system in the presence of sufficient bone in the absence of a single or a few teeth in the mouth.

The purpose of removable dentures on the implant is to increase the retention of the removable partial – full dentures in the mouth in order to provide a more affordable treatment in terms of financial and complete edentulous or missing teeth, the bone is not sufficient in every region.

How many implants at least need to be made in order to make a fixed prosthesis over the implant in a mouth without teeth?

Depending on the size of the jaw and the method to be applied, between 4-6 implants in the lower jaw and 6-8 implants in the upper jaw are required for fixed coatings to be made in the mouth.

How many implants need to be made to support a removable prosthesis in a mouth with no teeth?

2- 4 implants in the lower jaw and at least 4 implants in the upper jaw are absolutely necessary for long-term success.

How long does it take to make implant-supported prostheses?

Implant-supported prostheses, whether fixed or removable, are made after a 2.5-3 month waiting period after the implants are placed in the jawbone. In bone insufficiency, the waiting period may be prolonged in implants made in areas where new bone is formed. At the end of this period, the superstructure treatments that start with the measurement process are started.

How to care for implant supported removable dentures?

Implant-supported removable prostheses should be removed at least twice a day and removed at night, and the implant periphery and attachments should be cleaned by brushing. Within the first year after the implant is made, your dentist should be visited every 3-6 months for cleaning and controls, and these controls should be continued for life.