Removable Dentures / Total Dentures

They are the dentures used in cases where all teeth are missing or the number of missing teeth cannot be completed with a fixed prosthesis, and they are dental prostheses with missing teeth that the patient can easily insert and remove at any time.

Complete Dentures / Total Dentures

These are prostheses known as palate teeth among the people that can be applied to patients with missing natural teeth.

Partial Dentures

Folkly known as hooked prostheses, they are dental prostheses that can be easily attached and removed by the patient, providing the retention with metal crochets adapted to the teeth in the mouth or with the hidden holders of porcelain crowns made to the teeth in the mouth, called precision connections.

Classical Partial Prostheses (Hooked Prostheses)
Do I need to cover my remaining teeth while classical partial dentures (hooked prostheses) are being made?

When making partial dentures, it will be more appropriate to make a coating in order to protect the teeth where the crochets will be placed.