Pedodontics is the name of the branch where caries, trauma or hereditary deformations that may occur in the milk and permanent teeth of childhood are treated and preventive dentistry service is provided.

Excellent oral and dental health of children can be ensured by regular dentist control every 6 months. During these checks, all kinds of problems threatening oral and dental health can be detected. The important thing here is the early diagnosis and treatment of these problems. Early diagnosis in the pediatric patient will positively affect the physical and emotional development of the child.

The first examination in the pediatric patient begins with communicating with both the child and the child’s parents. After the meeting, the medical and dental history of the patient is taken. Then, clinical and radiographic examination is started. After these stages, the patient and the relevant family member are informed about the diagnosis and treatment planning. Pedodontics apply many methods to protect especially milk factor and permanent teeth from major oral diseases such as caries and periodontal diseases.