Prosthetic Dental Treatment

It is the general name given to artificial teeth that are made to replace teeth that have been lost due to various reasons. The lost teeth are of great importance in terms of aesthetics as well as the health of the person.

Our teeth play a big role in the chewing function. If we talk about tooth loss, there are losses on the side of our teeth, just like the negative health symptoms experienced in other parts of our body over the years. Prosthetic teeth come into play at this point. The tooth losses that occur can be eliminated with different prosthesis types depending on the number of losses;

The types of prostheses to be applied vary according to the condition of the patient’s mouth and teeth.

Fixed Dentures
Fixed prostheses are types of prostheses that are fixed on neighboring teeth and perceive as the patient’s own tooth or teeth, with the loss of teeth that occur over time. Crowns where material losses on a single tooth are eliminated or bridges where tooth deficiencies are completed are called fixed prostheses.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are the most frequently used treatment method for completing missing teeth. It is applied in cases where the missing tooth number cannot be compensated with a fixed prosthesis. Prosthesis is called partial prosthesis if it completes some of the missing teeth on the jaw, and it is called total prosthesis if all the teeth in the jaw are missing.

We all worry that when we use prostheses, the prostheses in our mouth will be noticed immediately. However, in today’s technology, it has become easier to provide a natural appearance with prostheses and to fully meet the aesthetic expectations of the patient. Dentures will improve your appearance, speech, bite and chewing on food.